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Back again, and ready to lose.

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I'm baaaaacccccckkkkkk!

It's been a while since I have done a serious hcg round. Time that was filled with large amounts of weight gain, cancer, and a hubby in a coma.

My husband became ill on our vacation with full blown influenza. I took him to the hospital, where the staff put him into a medically induced coma. A month later he was out of the coma, and had to do physical therapy. He is much better now, working and doing, but there are some lasting issues.

On the heels of that, I found out that I had Stage 2 melanoma, in the form of a mole on my back. I had surgery to remove some skin and underlying tissue, plus a lymph node.

Right now, I am assuming that I am cancer free, and credit the paleo diet with keeping me healthy enough to keep the cancer from spreading further.

OK, Rusty History lesson is over. During all this drama, I had picked up 70 lbs. Still not back to my original starting point of 325, but those 70 returning pounds are a major bummer, and need to go away.

I have started VLC today, after two days of loading, weighing in this morning at 261.2, so some where this week, I did manage to lose 8 lbs.

I am using HcG Bodyshapers drops. I will probably do a long round (not recommended) of at least 60 days. That worked well for me on rounds 1 and 2. Sloppy eating is what ruined my hard work. I also have taken up kettlebells, which I really enjoy doing, and going back to walking daily. Walking seems to be a key ingredient to any weight loss regime. On July 4th, I did a 5k. It took me an hour, but I completed it!

I am very excited to be back on track to healthy weight loss. I am hoping to make great strides by May of next year, when I'll turn 50. Maybe even weasel out a trip to Hawaii from my hubby. I want to get into shape for 3 gun, a shooting sport that uses a pistol, rifle, and shotgun, and some athletic shoots that require running and shooting for accuracy.

I really love being on this forum for support and to be supportive.

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  1. rockbottom's Avatar
    I hope it's going well! If you get to Hawaii, go for a dip in the ocean for me!