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Day 2

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I gained 1.5 pounds from loading yesterday. I feel very round and have urinated on the hour, sometimes twice an hour, all day. It seems like I am feeling as I should.

I bought the scale yesterday, as I have never allowed myself to own one in the past so I wouldnt be haunted by the numbers. That has been my biggest struggle today - not jumping on it after every visit to the bathroom. I know that gaining for the load days is necessary, but all the usual worries about "whether this is diet that will actually work" have been swirling around all day.

Tomorrow is VLCD1 - I am cautiously excited. I am facing a wedding for my younger sister in 10 days and I hope I can drop a bit before then. I am putting off buying a dress until a few days before..

One more TV show, then off to bed. I can't possibly stuff anymore food down - so here we go!

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