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Starting Today! FINALLY!! My story as to how I got here..

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Hello HCG Gang!

I am so excited to start that I don’t know what to say first.

I am 34 years old and recently relocated to San Diego - my childhood dream to live in CA. One month into getting here, my body gave out & my brain function went to zero - I couldn’t count money, couldn’t drive, and did not know who I was in a store for about 20 minutes until a dear friend came in and found me.

I am suffering from everything under the sun, including Hashimoto Thyroid, PCOS, Adrenal Hyper-function, high Cortisol, no testosterone, estrogen, dopamine, serotonin, vitamin E, D, and B12, to name a few.

Five years ago, I looked perfect for my high school reunion - great weight, career, and boyfriend- you name it. I was happy. A few months later, depression hit and beginning in April, the scale became my enemy. By October, I had gained 80 lbs. The doctors blamed me, of course. This started me into a frantic scene of dieting. I joined gyms, boot camps, Diet-to-go, EVERYTHING. I even paid a trainer to live with me & cook for me - I gained weight from everything.

This past April, I almost died from malnutrition. My body had completely shut down. I became allergic to 27 foods - and I was eating a majority of them on a daily basis. I had 5 months of non-stop diarrhea - 12 times a day. I couldn't leave my house. I had a colonoscopy that was, of course, "normal." Every doctor was the enemy.

I went from 6 figures to food stamps with no brain function.

The story gets worse, but I am here to focus on today.

We have spent the past 5 weeks loading my body up with fats & having me on a Ketogenic diet after getting a full blood & RMR work up.

We were holding out this last week to start my cycle - but no game. I've read quite a few posts where woman have stated that theirs have come early after starting the HCG & that they did continue taking the HCG. This morning, I've decided to jump in since I've yet to be regular since my first cycle at age 11.

I will be taking the sublingual spray HCG that I received from the local Compounding Pharmacy. My doctor & nutritionist have decided its best to take one spray in the morning and one at night for 40 days.

I am off to buy my body weight scale, crystal deodorant, and to load. I have my session with the nutritionist at Noon & then I hope to take my first spray.

I hope to lose 34 lbs - that will be the last of the 80 lbs to go & I will hopefully, recognize the woman in the mirror for the first time in 5 years.

We've gotten a lot of inflammation to go down & I look more human - but still like a distant cousin - not at all like the Carrie I know & love.

Its time for my outside to reflect the lovely girl within, once again!

Be back to post measurements & official weight later today!


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  1. SanDiego_Carrie's Avatar
    I forgot to mention that this protocol should help all of my ailments mellow out and return my brain function, with the great side effect of weight loss. I couldnt be more excited.

    Here are my stats:

    Measurements R L
    Biceps 13 13.25
    Chest 37
    Waist (natural 36.75
    Waist (navel) 40
    2” ↓ Navel 38.5
    Hips 40.5
    Thighs 24.8 24.75
    2” ↑ knee 16.75 16.5
    Calves 14.5 14
    Wt: 174 lbs
    Date: 7/26/10
  2. Elliebabe's Avatar
    Wow that sounds a lot like what happened to me when I got hashimotos.
    I couldn't remember anything! NO brain power and everything thinks your stupid. But, it is the thyroid, which leads to the major depression.

    I hope this protocol helps you feel better and get off the weight you need to lose, it will be easy for you to take off the weight.

  3. Snowdreams's Avatar
    Oh sweetie i will for sure pray for you. You have been through allot and it's easy to get down when nothing is going right. This diet teaches you to eat good foods your body needs. I have a feeling that it will be just what you need. I have also discovered a nutritionist named Isabel De Los Rios that created www.flatbellysolutiioncom. It is something i feel would greatly benefit you i know it opened my eyes and i really want to start living my life by her principles. I weighed 304 pounds after my load days and i am down 34 pounds today on day 32. I have a ways to go but my spirit is willing to change my life. Hang in there and God bless
  4. Feisty's Avatar
    Good Luck Carrie! Stay focused and intent. This does work!