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VLCD2 - 6 lbs already!

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Just dropped 2.5 lbs. I felt somewhat tired yesterday. My body felt like it was lightly sore from a phantom workout & needed a bit more rest. In the evening, a friend invited my dogs & I for a walk & I lasted over an hour without problem.

I did not feel like eating most of the day, which lead to a late lunch and dinner. I actually did not finish about 100 g of the cabbage I made for dinner due to feeling "stuffed," though I enjoyed the taste of the Szechwan Chicken with Cabbage from The HCG Dieter Cookbook. If all had been eaten, I would have hit 459 Calories total for the day.

In the late evening, I had the hit of a sinus headache and my nostrils felt a bit swollen. I had cut my dairy intake to almost nil in the previous 5 weeks which can lead to a bit of a mucus swell type cold coming on that is never realized, according to my nutritionist.

My nutritionist stated that a large consumption of water (150-200 oz/day) appears to aid the most weight loss in her clients. I pushed as much water through as felt comfortable. I urinated all day averaging once an hour and at the height, every 20 minutes. Each release was very determined and steady, which raised concern for going on an hour walk, so I eased up on the water a bit in the early evening until I completed my walk. I had no accidents, but did burn through a roll and a half of toilet paper..

My fingers and rib cage feel thin. My face is beginning to become more familiar. I am also feeling much more calm - my adrenals appear to be relaxing, which is a beautiful feeling. I was able to sleep for about 6 hours and now feel the urge to take a short nap.

I usually stay away from coffee due to my hyperadrenals, but felt the craving this morning, so I used 1 tablespoon of espresso with 6 cups of water & an additional cup of cool water, once ran through the espresso machine. Now I need a nap about 45 minutes later. Adrenals are fascinating to me.

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