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Day 11?

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Woke up down another .5lbs today. Yay!

I'm in the 180's!

14lbs to this rounds goal!

Measured for fun again, losing inches like crazy. So excited to do an official measure on Monday! Also starting to look forward to P3- not necessarily for the food option (though that will be nice) but more to start working out heavier and implementing a healthy lifestyle. I'm going to start Bikram Yoga again, too. Want to do something different than the weight training I've done for years. I'm thinking some HIIT cardio and yoga should do lovely things for my shape.

Anyways, I did a Cali Kicker yesterday. Yesterday overall was not the best..... the hunger is almost diminished so I barely ate. I hate steak and eggs for lunch, and that was all. The steak and eggs together is rogue, yes. But at least I got two proteins in because I managed to eat nothing else. I did, have a little cheat. I've been drinking Monster Rehab drinks. AH! I had THREE yesterday. Three! They're so delicious and have always been a vice. I had some the day before that, too. I'm willing to bet that's why my losses are slowing, and because I've had a hard time eating two meals.

Today, goal is to eat two meals, have another Cali Kicker or two, and stop drinking my delicious Monster Rehabs. I don't have them at my house, but my mom always keeps a case at her house. Darnit, mom.

I don't have time to drink way non protocol things if I want to hit my goal this round!

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