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Keep on Keepin on

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LCD day quarto.

Yesterday was OK. I was out of my routine, so I ended up eating really really late.

I felt some hunger around 11am so I ate a wee bit of chicken fajita leftovers. Then sometime after 1pm, I ate my apple with cinnamon. Then I had to leave work early (I work from home, normal office hours) to pick my sister up at the airport.... and then off to the vet with my new puppy.

I intended to go to the gym yesterday, but I felt I should keep an eye on the baby dog in case she had any reaction to her vaccines. She got some she hadn't had before. So after our evening vet appointment, (which took forever), then driving back to my side of town, then the big production of feeding all three dogs and keeping them out of one another's food dishes, then potty time, THEN I can make my own dinner.... I ate around 8pm.

I made some extra lean ground beef and spinach. I mixed it all up and it was delicious. I ate two servings..... whoops. Then I had some frozen raspberries. I actually think I'll throw out the frozen berries, I hate to be wasteful but I can't keep munching away at them. I'm trying to cut down fruit not add some bonus non-protocol fruit.

Calories for the day was around 800. Highest day I've had so far.

I wasn't expecting much when I weighed today because I ate so late. But I woke up down another pound. That's, what, 4.5lbs? Since Monday? I'll take it.

Back to my cardio zone at the gym tonight, watch my fruit, and keep on keepin on. Seeing my husband right after protocol for the first time in awhile is a big motivator too. I'm trying to bring sexy back, haha.

If I could lose another 15lbs-20lbs I would be over the dang moon. I've been hovering at this weight (lowest in the past few years is 10lbs from now). I have from this point about 35 until goal. So, if I could knock some of that out it would be grrrrreeeeaat. I might treat my DH visit as a planned interruption, and see if I can't get a little more off.

We'll cross that bridge when I get there, I guess. I've been saying that but I forgot how simple this was.

Anyways...... looking forward to the scale tomorrow!

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  1. Annie226's Avatar
    So happy for you on your weight loss! You can loss it! Doesn't feel good???