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LCD Day 5

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Gooooooooooood Morning!

Yesterday I tried to do things a little bit different. I had probably half a Jay Robb egg white shake (really just to try it) in the morning, for lunch I had lean ground beef with spinach, and for dinner I was at my sister's house where she had made steak fajitas. I just ate the steak, and a couple slivers of onion. I had no fruit! Yay Sarah! It's not that I think fruit is bad- I just don't want to rely on it for a sweet tooth situation. I don't think I need to eat it every day. My first round I was OBSESSED with apples. I ate two per day, which apparently is no bueno. But I'm gearing to be a bit more relaxed this round, and just take it day by day and not get obsessive.

Anyways, down another pound this morning. That makes 5.5 pounds since Monday. I think my calories yesterday was in the neighborhood of 600. I'm thinking as long as I'm satisfied, and have good energy levels, I'll most likely stay in the lower range of 600-800 calories. I just felt, for me, that 500 was too low the first time. Especially since I ate more like 200-300. Yeah, yeah, I'm going really rogue this time. But I'm open to adjustments as things truck along.

One thing I'd like to work on is eating earlier in the evening, and then doing some light cardio. I've been eating late and I don't think that's helping anyone, I feel really full and large at bedtime. And I think it's always a good idea to move around some after eating, and not let it just sit there like a rock. That's my goal for today.

So far I'm pleased with the results. I haven't been getting my cardio like normal, I've felt really busy. I think I will take a nice long walk tonight and listen to a new audiobook.

Sidebar, I want to make a new goal every day I think. I believe it will help me stay a little more focused, and breathe new life into each day of monotony. So, again today is to eat earlier and activity after.

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