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Oooooh fun!

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So just for kicks and giggles I measured myself real quick. It's been four days.... I'm down .5 on my arms, .5 around my neck, 1 inch around my bust, 1 inch around my waist, 1 inch around my belly button. Hips remain the same, and I am wearing pants so I didn't measure the thighs. I'll do an official measure on Monday. I know much of this is water, but around my bust (back fat) and neck doesn't seem very water related. Woot woot!

I thought I'd share another oddball thing I'm going. A few weeks ago, I started listening to hypnotherapy geared towards weight loss. Really, it's just nice to fall asleep to it. Very relaxing. I never am awake to hear the actual therapy part.... I'm always out like a light 5 minutes in. BUT I will say, and it perhaps is placebo, but even before I started HCG again my desire for unhealthy foods was dwindling. Like, loading wasn't as fun as it should have been. It's a little hippied out for me, BUT it's relaxing and seems to be speaking to my subconscious somewhere. Plus I sleep fantastically! Win.

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  1. prdreams@aol.com's Avatar
    4 inches in 4 days GREAT!!!!! What other diet does this??? That's why it is called pounds AND inches. I only measure once a week and by the second week I had lost 8 inches (and I only measure my stomach and hips....4.5 in my stomach and 3.5 in my hips!!!! I am on VCLD 17 and have lost 18 pounds!!!! I love HCG. you are on your way to your goal!!!
  2. sarahmakeprety's Avatar
    Thanks you! Amazing progress you've made. I hope I'm at day 17 down 18 pounds! That would be aaaaaahmazing.