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  1. Lovely Losers - Fabulous, Feisty and Fierce in February!

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    Wendy, I looked for info on the FB page in files to learn about the Fat Fast but couldn't find anything. Is there a link you could share? Thanks!


    Not sure how well it works at the moment!!!

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  2. Grammy's Inflammation Smoothie

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    Can you think of anything that changed before the big rise? Started a new supplement, had a night of bad sleep, extra stress?

    You could try grammy's inflammation smoothie to try to get the bloat weight down:

    1/2 cucumber
    2 stalks celery
    1 inch knob of fresh ginger
    1 whole lime

    Blend with some water and drink it either as the first meal of the day or the last.

    One of our posters here uses it instead of a steak day,