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Grayfree's Laser NAET

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Grayfree told me about it and I just love it. I've done NAET for years but this clears faster and easier. You take the offending item. If it's a liquid, put it in GLASS only. Hold it out from your navel about 2" and shine a laser light back through it toward your navel for 2 minutes. Then wash your hands and avoid it for 24 hours. Make sure you don't do the treatment within about 6 feet of another person or an animal or they can "steal" the treatment. Sounds crazy I know but you can actually treat animals or babies by holding them and doing the treatment on yourself. It's an energy thing so it passes to them.

It's best to have someone muscle test you afterwards to make sure you are clear of it. It's like resetting your brain to tell it that this item is not an enemy.

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