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Dukan Continues

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Another day of Dukan, down.

And I’m down another pound. I’m still not going to get excited and bounce around until I’m under 162.8 (my LIW) but thus far I’m down 6+ lbs since Friday. And eating things that should make me gain, according to HCG (artificial sugars, food starch in small quantities, oat bran).

Yesterday I did things a little different, though. I started out intending to do a shake day- where I consume two or three protein shakes and then eat a protein dinner. I did have to make Dukan adjustments though.

B: activia light vanilla flavor, protein shake and coffee with nonfat milk (lots of coffee with nonfat milk throughout the day, really)
L: oat bran pancake and sugar free jello
Late L: protein shake
SN: diabetic friendly no sugar added strawberry yogurt
D: 8 ounce London broil and a sugar free jello

NOTE: Dukan does not recommend protein shakes, this was my own thing! In fact he warns against them.

Generally, a “shake day” for me would consist of two or three protein shakes and chicken for dinner and NOTHING else. But I was feeling snacky. What can I say.

Today I resume the normal Dukan ATTACK menu. I’m supposed to only go until Friday, (The book recommends depending on weight and weight to lose only 2-10 days of ATTACK) But, I want to get off my swollen from binge weight and then a bonus, so I’m going at least 7 days but probably 10. It’s not that hard for me, really, it’s so similar to how I’ve been eating with a few added bonuses even. Once I’m done with ATTACK, I’ll alternate days with allowed veggies with days that are only protein until I reach my goal. That, I can do! Too bad it’s expensive- that’s my only issue with eating so much protein.

On payday (Thursday) I’m hitting up Winco and Coscto to stock up on meaty goodies. Right now I have lean ground beef, ground turkey, ground chicken, salmon burgers (YUM), shrimp, tilapia… but even with that I want to add some more fish to my options. Keeping things a little bit interesting definitely helps. For snacks I have canned tuna, lunch meat with cream cheese, yogurts, cottage cheese, coffee with nonfat milk. I’m not even that worried about the veggies to be honest.. I’ve got tons of Steamfresh bags of Brussels and broccoli and cauliflower. I’ll get some other meal time veggies too. But I’m kind of done with salads for a minute anyways… I ate a salad every day for some time.

In any case, I’m liking this Dukan situation so far!

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  1. Grammie50's Avatar
    I am happy it is working for you. Keep us posted.
  2. NikkiM's Avatar
    are you still taking hcg , did you do the three vlc days between or did you just go ahead with Dukan attack?
  3. NikkiM's Avatar
    I am coming to end of my 3 weeks on drops Thursday and I have not lost since saturday. This is so frustrating, instead of doing vlc at end I am thinking about doing attack via Dukan
  4. prdreams@aol.com's Avatar
    I know what you mean....I have been at a stall or VERY LITTLE loss and the way I feel right now (even though I have followed the rules and not cheated) I feel like tomorrow I am going to have a gain. I am on day 18 so maybe it is the third week that messes with us!