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Last day :)

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Starting VLCD23

This morning I am taking my last dose of drops!!!! I am so stinking excited! I woke up this morning to no loss, my body is so happy in this 155-158 range that it is almost comical. I had a bit of mac and cheese last night, so yeah there could have been a loss but I'm just not worried about it. I just have to say again how much I love the 24hrs instead of 72hrs with Rx . It should be a pretty easy day, lots of work and homework to do, and tomorrow I'm going to get some almonds, something I miss so much. I hope to get up to 2k calories quickly, and I can't wait for Marie's bluecheese dressing on a nice big chicken salad!

Okay, I'm starting to obsess about what I can eat now, better stop, LOL.

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  1. Vineeta's Avatar
    I'm excited for you. Bon Appetit! Wonderful that your body has found a happy range. I think mine has too.
  2. Jill Rose's Avatar
    That's awesome! I am on my 5th day and i have lost 4.5 pounds on my Homeopathic HCG!
  3. Jake_NC's Avatar
    That is so great that you have been able to hit the 150's! You have been such a rock! I'm guessing you are right at the normal BMI range... you should post some photos one of these days! Congrats on finishing another successful round of P2!!!
  4. SBerkeland's Avatar
    Thanks Vineeta, Jill, and Jake!!! It feels great to be done and on to P3!