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I LOVE SLEEP, and hitting the 150's

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Starting VLCD11

I switched beds with hubby last night and ACTUALLY GOT SLEEP!!!! I was so happy when I woke up this morning, I felt skinnier and my muscles weren't tense, oh it was like heaven! So after doing the dew, I got on the scale and. . . .I had a 1.4lb loss! I am officially in the 150's at 159.2, just 9.2lbs from my goal of no longer being considered "overweight". I have 2weeks left on this short round, and I'm starting to think I might actually hit that goal!!

Yesterday I did eat blueberries in my lunch, so I am absolutely confident that they can be added to Berkeland Protocol. If tomorrow morning is a good loss, I think I will try the hot dog for dinner that night, just so I can absolutely rule it in or out and so my body can get used to incorporating it if it isn't a culprit of slow losses.

Also, and mostly I just type this so I can keep track, but I need to note that I absolutely only need 10-11drops. Last round I was on different drops and I was liberal with them to increase losses towards the end. I dealt with the extra hunger because the scale was going down nicely. This time I don't really have any hunger issue, but I have noticed that my happy medium feels like at 10-11drops 3xday. I don't have anything to compare it to, except the increase in drops makes me less satisfied with the VLCD.

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  1. skepticalme's Avatar
    "Berkeland Protocol." I love that. Congratulations for entering the 150s!
  2. Vineeta's Avatar
    Congratulations on the benchmark. Certainly give it your best go with the rest of the round.
  3. Jake_NC's Avatar
    You are an HCG goddess! In the 150's!!! Rock on!!!
  4. NursesRock_RN's Avatar
    SB where are ya? Hope everything is going well still! I'm still a fatty that weighs 180 UUGGGHHH but I'm also a cheater
    So ya know, whatever. lol. well have a great day! Glad you hit the 150's!