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When the weekend is a little too rough . . .

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I have no idea where I am, LOL . Everything is pretty successful, never been over 2lbs above LDW, and consistently am set in the 155-158range. I'm not sure if it's TOM or that I didn't eat enough protein this weekend (realllllllly enjoyed myself), but I'm not feeling healthy today. I had a pretty hectic last two weeks, and had meant to be blogging through P3 this time, but sadly life just took over! And then a wake up call, the scale went to 159 this morning, outside of my 155-158 range, so I'm going to push a high protein day today. My hope is I'll pull back down into my comfort range, but I'm thinking I'll have a couple HPD (high protein days) this week. Next week is my vacation and I have no idea how I'm going to eat! Not worried, just gonna have to remember to get the protein in!

In any case, Just wanted to make sure I updated my blog. If anyone is reading this I hope you are doing great!

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  1. Debegrace's Avatar
    I am sure your high protien day will do the trick. And honestly, I am with you, I think protein is the key. I think we talked about it before becasue it was something you posted about it was my light bulb moment. My P3 and P4 were really effortless because I focused on protein. I ate what I wanted but if I wanted a high carb or starch I made sure protein was also there. Thanks for your insight along the way. You have truly helped me.
    Have a great vacation next week.
  2. MeOnHCG's Avatar
    Yeah, chug that water, have you done almonds?? That was my salvation! lol Once I cleared them, I could eat as many as I wanted, and I lost, or stayed the same. Weird. I did notice that my body had to adjust to eating new foods, and I didn't feel as 'lean' on any given day. That is just a PH2 thing, I think. I feel my best (now I phase 4 for a month) when I have oats for breakfast, zucchini for snack w/almonds/cheese, salad w/chicken for lunch, and a light dinner....maybe another salad with chicken, or bell peppers w/meat. very simple.

    Enjoy your vacation like you said. And it will fall off when you get back. and don't be surprised if you really don't gain!