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Same today as yesterday

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I'm 2.4 below LDW, and the same weight today as I was yesterday. I really didn't eat very differently, probably ate more almonds than I did the day before, but that's okay. If this is where I stabilize I will be very very very very happy!! . Last round I stabilized about 1.4 above ldw, so it's always nice to be under!

Today I am wearing a pair of khaki pants I bought from Victoria's Secret about three years ago. They look fantastic!! I haven't worn Khaki in so long because I always opted for the darkest clothes possible, but now I'm not worried! Not like I'm going to end up on Maury Povich with my daughter asking why I have to wear booty shorts everyday or anything, but I am actually going to wear shorts and skirts this summer!

Such an accomplishment.

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  1. browniepts's Avatar
    Way to go!
  2. NursesRock_RN's Avatar
    Awesome!!! I love that most of my hcg blog buddies are starting the 4th weekend with happy news!
    SB what was your total loss since the beginning.... Like what weight dud you start? It's encouraging because I think you started out same exact weight as me...
  3. Jake_NC's Avatar
    I'm so happy for you!
  4. Debegrace's Avatar
    Great Success!!! I am tickled for you!!!