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Things looking better for me in P3

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Small recap...I gained on the two very low cal days after stopping hcg. I thought it was 1.5 pounds each day, but when I looked back at the calendar yesterday I realized it was a total of 3.5 pounds! I was very distraught and the only advice I got pretty much was from the expert grammy. She said I should set my LDW at that new 3.5 pound higher weight and I should be all set after that. As you can imagine, that answer did not make me very happy I spent all day and night freaking out about it. I had alread planned my steak day before she responded so I continued with that yesterday. And, as night drew in, I realized I was severly constipated. How did I not realize it until then? I felt so horrible and to not reveal too much TMI, just knew that I was all sorts of backed up! So along with my steak day was some pills to get everything moving. And I'm SO HAPPY to say I woke up to a 4.5 pound loss! I am now 1 pound BELOW LDW, putting me at 157.5. I am pretty sure tomorrow will be a gain since my body is holding on to everything I put into it today. But I'm truly hoping I can stick with my "real" LDW of 158.5. I can't believe how stupid I was not to realize how backed up I was. It was obvious, looking back...but I think I was so stressed about the gains I didn't even stop to think about anything else. So, here's to a better rest of the weekend...and to me S-T-A-B-I-L-I-Z-I-N-G in the lovely 150s!!! (FIngers crossed!)

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  1. Deana's Avatar
    Yes, that is the real huge problem with me as well. If I gain it is due to being backed up. But, good luck on your stabilizing!