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VLCD 3- Mind Games!

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Only three days in and my mind is already messing with me. I want food I can't have. Not even bad food, just food. I've been down this road before, and I know the only issue here is in my brain. But it's so hard sometimes! I want to quit, but then I realize I'll never get this weight off any other way, especially this quickly!

The restrictive diet is just really messing with me this time around. Hoping to stay strong but I'm worried!

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  1. HCG_Junkie's Avatar
    You have done it before, you can do it again. Stay strong and keep focused on the end result you want to achieve. Good Luck x
  2. shadowcat410's Avatar
    Hey girl!!! Welcome back. this site (and anything to do w/ hcg) is blocked at work, so i am hardly on here anymore. But i'm back on VLCD as well. Went thru a breakup... so you know how that goes. (emotional eating, not caring...etc)

    I don't even know what day I'm no right now. I try not to obsessed like I did in first round. And yes, the rounds are like a complete mind F! I am amazed how i did 60 days in my first go around. how did I do that? and I was POP, these days I'm rogue, so you'd think it'd be easier. argh. crazy