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VLCD15- Updates

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Week One Loss: 12.3 pounds..woohoo!
Week Two Loss: 2 pounds...boooo!!!!!

That pretty much sums up last week for me. I only lost two pounds because I cheated twice, was completely stressed out, and almost quit half a dozen times. It amazes me how the very first time I tried hcg, I did it for 40 days, then cycled off for 2 weeks, and then back on for another 21 days. Now I can't even go through a week without struggling. I really don't know what it is. It's certainly not hunger...just some type of emotional battle that I can't put my finger on.

So instead of having another great week, I only lost 2 pounds. Seems pretty horrible since I struggled so much, mentally, last week. Unfortunately I can't stay on any longer than oringially planned to make up for my mistakes, so I have to just suck it up and move forward.

Hoping to remain strong this week. It's awfully gloomy outside which actually makes it easier for me. For some reason, bright sun and grilling season makes this diet hard for me!

Also, for some reason I have a constant period while on hcg. I spot nonstop and pretty much hate my physical life while on the diet. So weird! I'm pretty much just tired of that, tired of my skin flaking because it's so dry and I can't use real lotion, tired of bland chicken, lol...just tired! But on I go!

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  1. MotherNature's Avatar
    I'm fairly certain Dr. S stated a full six weeks after a 40 day HcG trial due to the development of the bodies immunity against Hcg. If you only weighted 2 weeks, it sounds like your immune.
  2. captncrunch's Avatar
    Your still doing really well losing about 1lb/day so congrats! That nonstop TOM thing also happened to me for about 3 months when I first started my bc w/ hcg. It was a pain, I feel for you. Hopefully it will sort itself out soon.