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What a whirlwind of a week it's been, and not in a good way! I have no clue how I did it, but I hurt my back on Wednesday. It got really stiff at work and I was in a lot of pain. So I left early, and have been in bed ever since! I have a couple of bulging discs that will be around forever, and they just act up every now and then. So meds and bed rest it is. I must saying, being home alone, all day, on pain medication, is not an easy thing to do on this diet! I get very nauseous from pain meds so all I want to do is eat and make my tummy feel better. I sprung for about 10 almonds yesterday which actually helped. I've eaten almonds in the past on this diet but I have no clue if they affected me or not since I'm not weighing.

On the topic of weight, I DID way myself this morning. I did this because I am having miracle noodles for the first time tonight. I'm excited and nervous all the sa me! DH and I finally bought some from Amazon but he noticed yesterday they have Shiratake ones at the market. So we are going to get a package tonight to try. I will probably weigh myself the next 2 days to check for gains/stalls. I really want brocolli with them, but I've never tried that either. So one thing at a time!

Anyone have ideas for the noodles? We have chicken out for dinner. We were going to try some sort of terriyaki chicken but have no clue what we're doing Hopefully it will be good, and filling!

OK, enough gabbing. Happy Friday everyone!

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