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VLCD6- Miracle Noodle Update

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I finally tried the miracle noodles last night and to my surprise, still lost (0.8). DH lost 1.5 of course, but good news is we both lost. I ate about 1/3 and he ate 2/3 of the package. Yes, they smelled very fishy when opening (and I HATE seafood), but I just rinsed them really well, patted them dry, then threw them in a frying pan and dry-fried them. Both of us then mixed with pre-cooked onions and chicken. I then added chicken broth and braggs with a few spices to mine. DH added P2 friendly taco bell restaurant sauce (no calories, no sugar no starches no anything!, I highly recommend but can only find it at Walmart). We both REALLY enjoyed them, as it made us feel like we were actually eating a "meal" for the first time on this diet. I would definintely eat these as a pasta alternative even after P2, so very glad we tried them.

I'm still battling back pain, and what seems like a never ending period. I don't know what hcg does to me, but it definitely messes with my girly parts! I didn't like I would lose today because I'm still battling period bloat and lack of BM to pain pills, so was glad to see a loss. Makes the weekend a tiny bit easier! Now if I could just get out of this darn bed

Oh, forgot to mention, DH and I set small goals (mine are at about every 10 or so pounds), and when one of us reaches one of the goals, we buy the other person a present. I'm less than a pound away from my first one, so very excited for that! It's just another incentive that helps us stay on track...everyone likes presents!!!

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