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So I've been going to the gym several times a week and want to keep up this habit while doing the HCG diet, but I'm a little concerned about the amount of calories I'll be eating.

Has anyone found a way to factor in intensive exercise with this diet? I know for my body to repair itself afterwards it will need more protein. Can I up my daily protein intake to help without impacting my weight loss?

Any help would be great, thanks!!

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  1. Newjulie's Avatar
    This is only my first round but I can tell you what I have read. Exercise in itself is not recommended. However if you are continuing an exercise program you have been doing all along, it should be fine; unless it is very strenuous, then it is best to cut back BC of the low calorie consumption.
    I have continued to exercise but I am only doing the glider and DVDs. I also upped the protein to about 6 oz per meal sometimes with no issues.
    I would save the intense stuff for p3. Good luck!
  2. greenthumb86's Avatar
    Up your protein. I know that when I have intensive work days (I walk over 10k steps in 8 hours on the worst), upping my protein makes sure I lose weight. Actually, I found that dropping the breadstick/melba completely is also helpful, and replacing those calories with protein keeps me losing consistently, and with a minimum of stalls. Of course, I also ended up with tonsillitis-- it's kind of up to how your body works.
  3. scoffer92's Avatar
    Thanks!! I've been doing a pump class at the gym 3/4 times a week for about a month before i started it and really just got into a routine which was hard, so I didn't want to break it. I've added a little more protein after my gym sessions only, and will see if that has any impact.

    Thanks for all the advice, and good luck!
  4. Ryann's Avatar
    The first time I did HCG, I thought we were only supposed to do very light cardio (like walking), but coming back on here a year later, there are some vets (Margie in particular) who say that Dr. S never said not to exercise. He just said not to start something new. These people seem to think that you stabilize better if you are exercising. Again, very different than what was being said on here my first round. I actually did what Dr. S said not to do and started working out during P2 (still on P2 now) and adding protein is key. Also, I had to start eating my fruit an hour before exercising if I worked out in the morning to get my blood sugar in a better place to work out. I felt like working out helped my losses when I made a point not to do it to the point of being sore. Just remember to push a ton of water!!!!
  5. scoffer92's Avatar
    thanks. Yeah, i already drink a ton of water, so that's not an issue at all. I'll see what happens this week and how i'm feeling and go from there.

    Best of luck everybody!!