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Phase one!

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Okay. So this is the second time around that I am trying this diet. The first time I stopped after several days due to wayyyyyyyyyy to much stress from uni and exams.

I've just started my summer holidays, so now have the ability to commit the time and effort needed to make this successful and to stick to it!!!

My current weight is 95kg and I'm hoping to get to 80Kg within the next year

My only major problem with this diet is telling my parents. I know that if I told them I was on it they would think it was ridiculous. They don't seem to understand how hard it can be to lose weight, even when eating and exercising right. I managed to get down to 83kg a few months ago, but because of how little I was eating as soon as I began eating healthily it all piled back on plus 5kg more

I start Phase 2 on Monday, with my last loading day tomorrow. After that I am determined to stick to this, as everyone seems to have such successful results I'm hoping to get the same.

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  1. captncrunch's Avatar
    Once they see the weight coming off telling your parents should be easier. Mine were nervous at first when I started the diet but they got really excited when they saw the weight falling off. So much so my mom started the diet a little later in the year. Good luck!
  2. nIt2Win's Avatar
    IMHO, you may want to tell people you are practicing "PORTION CONTROL" and watching your starch and sugar intake (or something to that affect). With all the recent hooplah concerning hHCG, people are generally very critical of the diet restrictions aka '500 calories'. The statement 'PORTION CONTROL' is simpler and considering many judgements re: Y ppl gain weight, it's easier 4 ppl 2 support. As stated above, once ppl c yur progress, additional details can b added viv-a-vi HCG Protocol.
  3. scoffer92's Avatar
    thanks, that's actually really helpful and simple! I can't believe I hadn't thought of that