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So today was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better than the first day on my first attempt of this diet!!!

The first time round I was so hungry I almost gnawed my arm of, today I don't feel any hunger!!

I had an apple this morning for breakfast before the gym, and then around lunch time had some odd meat/veggie concoction thing that looked boring and unappealing but actually tasted REALLY good! In a way I think that because it tastes nice, mentally I'm thinking that I'm not hungry because I enjoyed the food.

Anyway, I'm really excited by the fact that I'm not struggling on day one, but I know that soon my sugar cravings will re-appear and I'll have to work through those.

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  1. rorastra's Avatar
    Hello, i am very new to this and i would love to know about any dinner recipes you may want to share, i can't seem to find any thats "appealing" this is my first time and i am intrested in all recipes
  2. scoffer92's Avatar
    Yeah, the first time i tried this i majorly struggled with the lack of variety with the food.

    I just marinated some chicken in Cajun spices, which are really good because they add sooooo much flavour and are also spicy and salty, so you wouldn't eat a lot regardless of whether you're dieting or not. Then I just cooked some spinach and onions up and added them in. The spices are what made the biggest difference i think