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Hello...newbie here!!

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Hello!!! I have been finding a ton of great information on all of these forums and want to thank you all!!! I lost 40 lbs. doing the NO gluten thing 5 years ago and kept if off until 8 months ago....strange things were happening with my body. Long story short....I'm not even 42 but found out that I am in Peri-Menopause hence the 18 lb. weight gain!!! After much research I found the HCG diet was the only diet that would take this weight off. I'm on day 17 of P2 and am down 13 lbs....I'm thrilled. Little scared for P3 as I've read so many conflicting stories, BUT I do believe that I am totally fine with eggs and dairy as I lost 40 lbs. eating those with no problem doing no gluten. Flour is MY devil!!!! Please share your stories....I LOVE hearing them and any advice is MORE than welcome.

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  1. chunkynomore's Avatar
    Hi there, and welcome! I'm on p2d12 of my 2nd cycle. I've started buying gluten free foods for my son, as it helps with his autism. Once all of the gluten food is consumed he'll be on strictly gluten free, and once I'm on p4 and can have carbs I'll be doing gluten free as well. I was curious because you said you lost so much weight doing gluten free- did you stop eating bread and pasta things with flour in them all together, or did you find gluten free alternatives? Thanks, and congrats on such amazing progress!
  2. Scotlandforever's Avatar
    Thanks chunkynomore!!! One of my best friends has a son with autisim and when she put him on the no gluten diet, it really helped some issues. Bless your heart, I know how tough it is.....I'm exhaused when he's here at my house for only 3 hours!! Yes Yes, I did try a lot of gluten free things....some were great, some NOT so much!! I used to make a banana bread with Red Mill gluten free all purpose flour that was AMAZING!! Ate a lot of tortilla chips with salsa or guacamole....udi makes a great gluten free bread as does Costco. I felt like I wasn't on a diet at all, it was super easy. I'm just hoping that when I go into P3 I can eat dairy and eggs without a problem!!
  3. chunkynomore's Avatar
    Yeah, we just got a trader Joe's out here (FINALLY!!) so I bought some udi bread today but he hasn't tried it yet. Also gf spaghetti and pizza for him. I'm generally VERY strict about what my child eats after having been 270lbs 2 years ago. I've taught him about why certain foods are healthy, pros and cons to grains and carbs, so I decided to be a bit lenient when transitioning him to gluten free and bought some gf cupcakes today. Poor kid went to a bday party last week and I wouldn't let him have the pizza or cake they had there because of the gluten. For P3 I would suggest only adding one dairy product every 3 days or so, just in case you have an issue with something you can narrow it down. I was fine last p3 with milk and eggs, but cheese was what did me in! Of course I was so eager I had done everything all at once, so I had to start from scratch
  4. Scotlandforever's Avatar
    Love Trader Joe's!!! WOW...270!! You look GREAT and have come so far.....great job!!! Yes, my girlfriend does the same thing....she actually brings gf cupcakes and what not for certain occasions so her son can have his treats!! Oh good....udi is great for toasting. Costco's is softer and is much easier to make sandwiches. I'm actually more concerned about NOT getting enough calories in on P3 as that seems to be the biggest problem that I have read over and over!!! I'm actually planning on staying away from cheese, but want to use heavy whipping cream for a couple of things. Also will use pure coconut milk in my morning jay robb protein shake to boost calories/fat. I also LOVE mayonnaise but of course Best Foods has sugar I also know how bad soy is as well so will be steering clear of that too. I read that a lot of people love the vegenaise mayonnaise...they have a soy free version. Kind of bummed as most ranch and blue cheese dressings even though NO sugar are made with BAD oils.....good grief, I thought I used to read labels before all of this...ha ha
  5. Levi4's Avatar
    I just purchased a cookbook named "Cooking for Isaiah", gluten-free and dairy-free recipes for easy, delicious meals. Haven't tried it yet, but a mom developed this cookbook for her son who was gluten & dairy intolerant. Maybe someone else would like to try some of the recipes and report. Best of luck.
  6. chunkynomore's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Levi4
    I just purchased a cookbook named "Cooking for Isaiah", gluten-free and dairy-free recipes for easy, delicious meals. Haven't tried it yet, but a mom developed this cookbook for her son who was gluten & dairy intolerant. Maybe someone else would like to try some of the recipes and report. Best of luck.
    Headed to Barnes & Noble tomorrow-thanks for the info!
  7. Scotlandforever's Avatar
    Thanks Levi4.....sounds great
  8. maggiep's Avatar
    I'm a big fan of Gluten Free -- if I can get it. I've discovered I actually am bad with breads, if I eat anything with yeast I gain. Still exploring that.

    You like stories...I'm a 27 year old from Seattle who used to work night shift. Due to exhaustion/lack of caring I gained weight. I left college around 179, found out I weighed 255. I lost to 190, then had a bad reaction to a medicine I was on and went back to 241. Enter HCG. My first round I dropped back to 218 and held steady until the start of Round 2. Hooray for Round 2!
  9. Scotlandforever's Avatar
    WOW maggiep......hooray for you!!!! Sorry that you went through that, but it sounds like you are definately on track!!!

    Yes, flour for MANY is the devil!!!! wheat is in so many things too.....even soysauce....YIKES!!!! Like I said, I read labes ALL the time but now I'm even more diligent!!! I'm just hoping that since I did so well with dairy and eggs before that I will be fine in P3!!! I am still a little scared with all the stories I have read with a lot of people having a hard time stabilizing and what not. Scared and excited at the same time. I have 12 more days. Thanks for your story
  10. AbsAgain's Avatar
    Our ancestors were hunter gatherers who had to really look at plants before putting them in their mouths or feeding them to their families, lest they eat something poisonous. Now, there are so many ingredients that cause harm to our bodies and our loved ones, we must be vigilant to avoid whatever our bodies don't like. I'd MUCH rather read labels on food than pill bottles from a doctor...

    We're the hunters and gatherers of today, not mindlessly eating whatever our hands can easily reach but instead searching for what will make/keep us and our families healthy.
  11. Scotlandforever's Avatar
    Well said AbsAgain!!!!!!!

  12. chunkynomore's Avatar
    ^I agree, well said! I always looked at gf as a fad and bs. I thought that we've been eating these grains at a less processed level for hundred, thousands of years. Then, my sister with celiac explained how the actual seed itself has been changed so much that there's no going back to what it once was. So happy to see so many people on this site that are on the same page in regards to gluten. Thanks for starting this Scotland!
  13. Scotlandforever's Avatar
    Exactly chunkynomore!!!!

    Of course!!!! I was just so happy when I finally figured out what MY devil was back then!!!! Made a HUGE difference until this darn peri-menopause weight. But as of this morning I'm down 14.5 lbs.....I'm beyond STOKED!!! woohooo!!!!