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Day 41 - Journey back To <200 lbs. (STALL BROKEN! - MINI STEAK DAY WORKED GREAT!

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Ok all I told you yesterday that I was coming to the end of my first round (long round) this week and the weight losses were halted at 214.8 lbs (Down from 242.4 lbs when i started) I was stalled at the 214.8 mark for 4 days and I was following the protocol perfectly as i have for the last 40 days. Te best suggestion i got was to do what is called MINI STEAK DAY (see my blog post from yesterday for details) So I did it and IT WORKED AS PLANNED! Today I am down to my new low at 213 lbs and I am very happy, happy, happy.

In a nutshell, the mini stead day is done in place of an apple day (Its off protocol) or it can also be referred to as a high protein day. I drank my water and coffee as usual all day and then ate a 9 oz New York Strip for dinner, That's it! BOOM I AM DOWN 1.8 lbs today. I don't know how it works or why but it worked! I hit a total loss today of 30 lbs in 41 days. Whoohoo!

So that being said, I am going to make a few adjustments to my last few days of VCLD and see what happens. I am going to up my protein intake to 9 oz daily still eat veggies on protocol and lose the fruit for the next day or two to see what happens. It will still be a 500 daily calorie plan. I don't know for sure but some have suggested that the higher protein intake is needed in the later stages of a long round to keep the HCG machine burning off the fat. I'm willing to try it and see what happens. I'm also thinking of doing another steak day on Friday which will be my last injection day. We will see. At this point I would like to lose 3-4 more lbs before Friday and i will be ready to move into Phase 3 and drink some BP Coffee!


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  1. robert nesta's Avatar
    ya bro - I knew it would work for you -

    when you move to p3 you can always do awesome chicken thigh days ( but 8 organic thighs , bake them with salt and pepper inna cast iron for 30 mins then turn em over and another 25 mins - @ 375 / eat this all day long and nothing else, finish them by 7 pm and finish your water by then too - do 8 or 9 16 oz glasses of aqua spread throughout the day, each one with a lemon slice - works as good or better than a p3 steak day trust me , trust the process. be proud of yourself * you're awesome...
    Updated March 5th, 2013 at 09:56 AM by robert nesta
  2. Rabo's Avatar

    So happy for you, Scott! What an awesome feeling and what an awesome accomplishment! 30 pounds GONZO!
  3. akdani's Avatar
    WOW - Great job. I want to do a mini steak day. Ha ha. Can I be like you. I have 7 days left and it's harder and harder to lose the weight now. I am at 25.4 total loss. I would love to lose another 5 lbs. Would you think a mini steak day would work for me? Or can I just up my proteins and not have any veggies or fruits? Beef doesn't work the best with my body, but I sure do love a great steak.
  4. robert nesta's Avatar
    yes akdani it would work for you
  5. akdani's Avatar
    So a steak day or higher proteins and nothing else? I have round steaks that I can use, will that work?
  6. akdani's Avatar
    And I eat them at night only right? No other food during the day?
  7. pookster's Avatar
    awesome!!!! Way to go Scott!
  8. tomwilla's Avatar
    I am impressed! sounds much better than an apple day. Great job
  9. pookster's Avatar
    Scott...I answered you about cycling on my blog..and also gave you an idea for chips...

    Advice for P3 - invest in some almond flour and coconut flour..both worked great in bread machine...but you will have to experiment with it to see if it agree's with you. I am still to scared to eat it because I do NOT do well with breads and carbs which i LOVE!! but if you tolerate it without gains...have at it! You can add cocoa powder and splenda or whatever sweetener you like.. you can make butter cream icing w/cream cheese...all kinds of options..believe me I researched this stuff because I have such a sweet tooth etc...but now here I am in P3 and not even craving it...but you DO have alot of options like I listed above.

    Get yourself some coconut oil and organic butter for BP coffee...