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  1. Last injection yest. lost almost 2lbs this morning! HELP w/ stabilization & exercise

    Yay! I'm entering phase 3 and I'm deathly afraid of gaining weight! Yesterday I took my final injection and woke up this morning for a weigh in and lost almost 2 pounds! So now I'm unsure of which weight to use for my +-2 pounds? What if I continue to lose weight daily? Or throughout the next 21 days?

    On addition, I haven't worked out at all while on hcg. But after my 72 hours has expired I plan to start running again. I'm sure this will cause me to lose more weight, is that bad? ...
  2. Food help!!! Wisdom teeth removal today! phase 2

    Good morning!
    I have to get my wisdom teethed removed this morning and I'm absolutely petrified about the procedure! I'm also afraid of what to eat!

    What can I have in phase 2 that's soft? I have no idea of what to eat especially that what the doctors suggest are hcg no no's such as ice cream and potatoes!

    Any help is appreciated!
  3. Weigh in Challenges! My weight changed in a few hours!

    Well its the weekend and I usually wake up my normal time and inject my hcg and get another hour or two of sleep. By the way I'm on day 8 of VLCD.

    This morning I relieved my bladder and weighed in with an .8lb lost yay! I went back to sleep for maybe 2 hours, woke up again used the restroom and I'm down another .8lbs. Trust I'm happy it's a loss. But I find it strange. Is this normal? Also which number do I record?

    Some insight please and thanks!
  4. Help! Starving :( VLCD Day 4

    I'm really trying not to give up so soon in the process but I am starving. I have hunger headaches and quite frankly I cannot concentrate at work. All I can think of is food. During my loading days I did quite well, aside from day 2nd load day I was a bit sick and couldnt consume anymore food maybe around 3000 calories.

    In addition my weightloss is slow Im down 7.4 pounds but I did gain 3 during loading. Today I lost a measly .2 pounds.

    Im taking 25 units of hcg by ...