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My day today....

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Hi guys, I would just like to share my day because you guys understand me the most. So my day was ruined from the start, I worked a 16 hour shift at my job from 3pm-7am is was so hard I was so hurgry plus I work at a hospital and if you guys know Nurses eat all night somebody always bringing something to try or companys are always catering food for us,well what a night I pick to work cartering night lots of food,cakes,soda's my downfall, but guess what I did'nt touch a thing I walked in grab my apple and walked out,and felt so good about myself.But the days not over yet so todays my niece b-day so my moms cooks a huge Sunday dinner,wells that's always I'm from the south so that's common, but I go over to take my present and go into the kitchen and OMG mac and cheese, meatloaf,cornbread I mean the works, I mean my noise was in heaven, so much food and at that moment I broke, I grab a plate and began to load it with food I got it all ready sat at the table, I then thought WTF are you doing chic you just spent 6 days doing so well why lose it know,so I got up returned the food and said to my mom I can't have this and then asked her for the lettuce so I could eat what Im supposed to have she then replyed "I proud of you cause you did tell me you were on a diet" and I said "yes I am" and I thanked her for the lettuce. I would just like to say how easy it was for me to turn down a tradition and stay foucs on the right path and I just would like to tell every one out there that taking this pluge to change something that has gotten the best of us "hang in there" that what we are doing is only temporary and what we will receive after its over is forever, so stay strong and good luck to everyone!!!

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  1. quelsen's Avatar
    You make us all proud with that will power. You go girl
  2. Dubbles's Avatar
    Wow, good for you. Mind over matter, right. Keep it up!