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I was just having a thought.......

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Hi lady hcg'ers out there I was just having a thought of why am I doing HCG.....Humm then it can to me because I want to look SEXY ha ha so I thought I would tell you ladies things that I think of when I feel like cheating,quitting,or jusr plain giving up!!!

10 Top Reasons........

1.First and formost I want to be healthy...
2. I want a little black dress......
3. I want to look sexy in my little black dress....lol
4. How good im going to feel when people see me and say" wow did you lose weight you look great"....
5. no more plus size shopping (because it sucks)
6. hello two piece
7. bye bye big tee shirt at the pool
8.the great social life I will have....
9. the relief of not wanting to go out because I feel FAT!!!
10. Just Not Being Overweight Anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I just want to say if your feel like quitting or cheating just don't because it's just not worth it because in the end this reward is so much better,the joy you will have in your life after losing everthing that's been holding you back is so worth it!!!!!!

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  1. Dubbles's Avatar
    Print your blog out, set it where you'll see it often, and it will keep you inspired. You can do it.