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Just for today...

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Well guys Im doing well on this diet so far down almost twelve pounds in 9 days so im happy.But today I'm doing a apple day I can't stand the taste of meat today if I eat another piece I'm going to throw up I'm going to try this not because I'm stalling but I need to do something diffrent to keep me from cheating on this diet, okay I will let you guys know how this works out...

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  1. Kati's Avatar
    I hear ya about getting fed up with meat! I've been subbing in a lot of no-fat cottage cheese just because I don't want to eat another bite of chicken! I hope your apple day helps your need for something different!
  2. sexykitten25's Avatar
    I doing okay so far I just got allkind of apples in my bag cause I was so close to cheating today just by looking at that meat today..
  3. Kati's Avatar
    good job resisting the urge to cheat! it'll pay off tomorrow when you step on that scale!!
  4. mspanda's Avatar
    totally keep me posted! i want to know if it will get me back losing!
  5. Dubbles's Avatar
    I'm curious about the apple day, too. Let us know if you lost on that. I was on a two/three day, stall, and actually up .8 lb trend (honestly, no cheating either) and was seriously going to do an apple day today (luv honeycrisp apples anyway--had them set and ready to go) when I weighed this morning, down by l.2 lbs. Yahooo! But am interested in how the apple day goes, please.