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It's been a week so far.....

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Okay, so it has been a week since I started my HCG diet and I'm down 11.0 pounds how wonderful, but my body don't feel to good,sometimed I feel really weak and it hurts to move,but you know what I'm staying strong and pushing though it! Well I hope you guys out there are doing good as well I love reading everyone's blog really I can't go a day without coming to this forum it's like my sanity some days,okay guy happy losing.......

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  1. carebear's Avatar
    Congratulations on your loss this week! 11lbs is fantastic! I am sorry that you are having troubles with weakness though. I have never heard about that on this program. Is this your first round? Are you taking injections or drops? What is your dosage? Are you hungry? Tired?

    Maybe you can search the forum if you have specific concerns with the weakness. It shouldn't cause those things.

    Hope you feel better soon.
  2. sexykitten25's Avatar
    This is my second round per say I tried a round earlier this year and it did not go all the way I feel very ill and had to have surgery and couldn't finish, I am trying it again I'm taking injections my dose is 150 and I hugry sometimes but other times Im okay
  3. Dubbles's Avatar
    Absolutely agree. Check the blogs, forums for inspirational several times, early and late in day. They are lifesavers. Good job on your loss.
  4. britt8tink's Avatar
    Great losses for your first week!!!! Congratulations!
  5. mspanda's Avatar
    you definitely not supposed to be weak! or hurt to move! i have heard about back pain. are you spreading your meals out well enough? i know if i don't eat something every three hours i get a headache.
  6. sexykitten25's Avatar
    Well I only eat the protein and the fruit I cant eat the veggies I get sick to my stomach but I think its because Im normaly working 7am to 3pm and now Im working 3pm to 11pm so I think my body is not use to it and I dont sleep when I get home.