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Day 16 (update)

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After a lack luster 2nd week, (lost 1.8#), I've already gained it back. So, week 2 = totally pointless.

Yesterday, I felt drained of energy, exhausted, and just needed to lay down. So I left work early and instead of eating my yogurt, I ate a turkey burger w/ fries (and OJ and apple juice). I just wanted to eat something of substance, and go home and sleep. It seems 3 pellets 3x a day is working better, but I just felt so weak yesterday. I get up and have to grab something stable because I feel so dizzy...like the room is spinning and if I don't hold onto something, I'll fall. I should've checked my BP, but didn't think about it.
It's different this round. More hunger, different symptoms. I don't know if it's due to the added amino acids and such in my pellets or what. I had SO much energy first round. what gives? The only difference I can think of is that I changed my daily MV. first round it was an expensive Whole Foods vitamin, this round it's a cheaper one (Vitacost brand), women's daily. Other than that, I take my potassium and magnesium pills daily, along w/ a Hair, Skin & Nails vitamin, probiotics, and occasionally B-12. (though I do not find it makes a difference at all in my energy levels)

Last week I found out that my friend has stage 4 cancer, had surgery and is now going thru chemo. He is the healthiest person I know. Doesn't let stress affect him like so many of us do and it just goes to show you that no matter how hard you work to be healthy, cancer can and will strike anyone. I haven't talked to him yet because I'm scared to call him and it'll crush me if he doesn't remember me. (he had a tumor and is having some memory loss)

Anyway, so I changed my goal from 145 to 150 because I just don't see myself getting to 145 this round and I don't want to be ultra disappointed when I don't get there. I know I can get to 150, because I've been there before in 2007... it's just a matter of getting past this set point (160 - which I hovered around at in P3) and the patience it requires to get to the 150 mark.

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  1. scientistmac's Avatar
    So sorry about your friend. My future mother-in-law has (and still does have) a brain tumor, and it's hell. So I completely understand. Seeing someone else go through something like that makes you so thankful for everything you have, and puts this weight loss stuff way down on the importance scale! Don't be afraid to call...god forbid something happens to him, you'll be more upset with yourself that you didn't pick up the phone...trust me.

    Sounds like you're having similar symptoms as me, again with the linked bodies! My BP is fine today, but yesterday I was so scared. Whatever you do...be careful! Stand up slow and def hold onto things. Don't need two of us walking around with ugly noses, lol.

    Are you doing a long round now to get to 150? I wish I could stay on with you, but my body is defintely rejecting this diet right now. I don't feel healthy and energized like I did last time. And all the "little" symptoms I felt last time are now totally amplified. So Sunday will definitely be my last drop day (fingers crossed I make it until then!) I'd really like to see 155 but if I have to eat more to keep BP up, it probably won't happen. We shall see.
  2. EmilyLayla's Avatar
    So sorry to hear about your friend...things like that are always so hard to deal with. :-(

    My week 2 was incredibly pointless as well. And then all of a sudden almost a 2lb loss. I don't know WHAT my body is doing this round. It is a LOT more difficult for me to stay focused. I guess because I keep pushing the limits as to what is "rogue" and what is "cheating"
  3. shadowcat410's Avatar
    I need a 2# loss just to see LDW again. argh... I'll get there. The cheats were my decision and I rationalized them. Therefore, I must live with the consequences of a possible slow, pointless 3rd week. It is what it is.

    I told myself in the beginning of this round I wouldn't stress about numbers. Because:
    1.) it didn't do me any good in R1 and
    2.) I could be losing inches when I'm not seeing the scale move.
  4. EmilyLayla's Avatar
    I know it's hard but try to stay positive! "I'll get there" is the right attitude to take. Whenever I see a stall or a gain during phase 2 I try to remind myself that before I was doing this diet, I wasn't seeing ANYTHING. At least I'm seeing results. And so what if they're not what other people are seeing? The point is that I'm SEEING them. If you were on a different diet, you'd be lucky to lose 4 pounds in one week. We're losing that weight in 3 days. I think that's important to remember. And something I try to remind myself of...especially when I'm hungry. Like right now....