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R2P2 - Day 10

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Wow, day ten already. So, zero loss and I'm okay with that. (Currently 159.8) Today is the first day to start implementing the cayenne fruit extract. I got some MIO liquid water enhancer (zero cals) berry pomegranate to add to my cfe water so I don't die when I drink it. I have been meaning to take a shot of ACV every day but it's just so yuck I have a hard to talking myself into it.

B: coffee w/ hc & stevia
L: 0% fage, 1 tblspn blackberry SSF
D: chicken over romaine, 1 tomato
S: 5 mac nuts, 1 CC, small green apple
Water: 101.4 oz

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Updated July 21st, 2011 at 06:08 AM by shadowcat410