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Anyone here that does NOT weigh daily?

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Robin from Weight Loss Apocolypse (on her youtube channel which has been OMG so helpful!!!) teaches her clients to not depend on the scale daily to justify staying on protocol. We become too dependent on the scale for that daily release. And when we don't see a release, we get discouraged, stressed especially when we are doing so well, POP and otherwise feeling great in P2. She says we need to focus on the way our clothes fit (losing inches), how we are feeling physically, and dealing with our emotional connection to food during protocol.

So... I was wondering if anyone here has weighed weekly or mid weekly and if that's helped your mindset. If there is a forum thread regarding this, please post it here so I can check it out, I couldn't find anything when i did a search.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. AbbyGJ's Avatar
    I have read and watched Robin's work. I weigh myself every other or every three days. I still find I need a little bit of motivation to stay on track. I'd like to progress to once a week, but will most likely do that for my next round.

    I am big fan of her work and theories, mostly because she called me out on my problems.
  2. tomwilla's Avatar
    I just finish reading her book.. I did not weight the 1st week, because I sometimes go crazy with weighing, I had not read her book at that time. My favorite part of her book was eat only when you are hungry and so far I have never been hungry (after the 1st week) So I am cutting down on what I eat.. but I believe you have to eat... I am try also just eat until satisfied.. That has only been the last 2 or so days.
  3. shadowcat410's Avatar
    Yes, the all important "hunger scale" which I believe is very important to push into P3 and of course P4 and life!