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please help all the info I can get

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I am in rd 3 p4 day 8. I stuggled with p3 aweful as in I had to do stead day every other day. I figured out I had senstitivites to nuts and cheese. Got those taken care of. Finally stabelized for 5 days and then on the p4 2nd day, I tried one piece sugar free blueberry pie. Nest day 3 lbs over lwd. I had stablized at 1 lb over, now I do steak day came back down wait 2 days then valentines day had bbq chicken and mac n cheese guess what up again 3. egg day back down yesterday I only had popcorn in addition to p3 foods and again back up 3 lbs. What is wrong can someone tell me what I need to do. I am going on my 1o year first ever cruise in one month this is why I did this and now I can't look at carbs without gaining. I was always able to do two or three steak days in p4 before and then great. Please give advise. I caould cry I wouldn't have done this last rd I only lost 7 mare lbs this time. I am at goal BTW it 126. I love all the advise you can give in advance!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. taylorfam55's Avatar
    try sticking with the low carb for a week. No cheats. I follow South Beach in my stabilizing period and I was able to ease back into carbs and even eat a sub with no problems eventually. I think (and Im no pro) your adding foods back in too fast. I added them back in 1 a week, for instance I would be low carb all week, and have a bit of brown rice with dinner. Or I wold eat low carb all day, ( I mean SB Phase1 low carb) and then make a taco bake for dinner with low carb tortillas in it, giving me a net carb of 6 carbs per tortilla I would only eat the equivilent to maybe 1 tortilla (Its a layered bake so you dont get as many carbs that way but still feel full) knowing I wanted to go to Subway I checked the carb count of the breads they offer and picked the lowest one and only had a 6 inch. Mac and Cheese is a biggie for me, I cant handle it yet. Every time I make it for my kids I would try and have a bite just 1 bite. Next day up a little on the scale!! Crazy. I love mac and cheese But I love fitting in my smaller clothes more than that. also they make low carb or low sugar bbq sauce. Its the sugar in the sauce that probably snuck up on you with the combo of the mac and cheese. I have read some blogs on here on intermittent fasting to be able to eat what you love and then correct it with fasting for a day to keep goal weight. I know Ill be where you are soon enough. I hope you get it figured out! good luck!