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New to the forum and first week of phase 3

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Hi all

I am new to the forum although I have been stalking it for several months while I was in phase 2. Just finished up phase 2 with a loss of 33 lbs and started phase 3 on Friday. I am currently .6 above LDW due to adding too many new things in too fast, so backed most of it all back off yesterday and starting over today adding 1 new thing at a time. Phase 3 is definatley trial and error thats for sure and scary as all get out! I am now dreading getting on the scale every morning and on phase 2 I couldn't wait to get up in the moring and weigh myself.

Hoping to get this phase 3 under control, stabalize and do another round of phase 2 to loose the last of my weight to get to my goal weight of 130.......19.6 lbs to go........

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  1. emross82's Avatar
    what stuff did you try and add the first day if you dont mind me asking? Tomorrow is my first p3 day too, and i know ill be scared to weigh too! I plan on adding very slowly, ike a new food every other day or so...but im still nervous. As if over night i will gain 20 pounds back! Just take it slow, use those steak of fff days , dont let it get over 2 pounds and you should be fine.
  2. shannon741's Avatar
    I added eggs and cheese on my first day, then day 2 added the wrong yogurt on accident along with eggs, cheese and sugar free bacon. I was camping and had a hard time staying on a schedule to make sure I was eating all my foods so I know my calorie count was way down those couple of days and so was my water intake. I'm correcting it now and backed off on everything but the eggs and today I am adding in almonds trying to get my calorie and protein count up.

    I would much rather of just stayed in phase 2 I loved it!
  3. emross82's Avatar
    yeah p2 is so cut and dry its hard to mess up unless you play with it. Did you add in regular yougurt instead of fage ( or greek) yougurt? I thin kfage is the most popular to add in because its high in protein and no added sugar. I thin kim going to just up my protein the first few days and add new veggies and mix them (glorious mixed salad!) and then add small stuff like almonds one day, cheese and such. I can wait for a bit of variety, its hard to get the cals up with just chicken! But we can eat pretty much any meat now so thats good, so a yummy taco salad sounds good. i never tried beef on p2. i think the only thing im really "adding" the first day is half and half to my coffee.. i miss creamer so! I may add a packet or two of splenda to see how my body reacts to taht too. i used to super over use it, so i dont want to to go back to that..but i do miss it in coffee.
  4. shannon741's Avatar
    I live in a pretty small town and could find the full fat fage any where and bought this other brand and I thought I read it had no sugar in it. Took it camping mixed up a serving with some vanilla cream stevia and blueberries ate it and then seen on the container it had sugar in it and I was just devistated! I looked online and even the full fat fage does have some sugar grams in it but it is super low. I am thinking I am going to have to drive over 60 miles or more to find full fat fage or go without it becasue no one carries it within a 40 mile radius of where I live The stevia drops are aweome and come in so many flavors, I bought them in the begining of phase 2 and never used them but have since on phase 3 and they are really great.
  5. emross82's Avatar
    well you can have to sugar, you just cant have 'added sugar" i think im cutting fruit back on the days i do the fage, because its still "natural suagr". good luck finding your greek yougurt. I have found that "no sugar added" in things isnt always true, so watch for lil names like "corn syrup" and all that tricky stuff. dextrose too, they hide that in there. Good luck to you. .6 above is still just fine
  6. shannon741's Avatar
    Thanks emross82 and I am watching labels like crazy, I don't usually venture into the any of the middle isles in the store pretty mcuh stay on the produce, meat and dairy isle but definatley watching my labels for all those tricky words that really mean sugar.
  7. emross82's Avatar
    no prob, this forum is really great to ask other people questions, its really helped me. I learned alot of new stuff. I agree the more natural the better for p3. If i do cheese it will not be shredded because i looked and saw it had corn starch in it! They sneak modified corn starch in alot of stuff you wouldnt think. So keep your eye out for that. Reading labels is the way to go lady.