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  1. Lipotropic injections fortified with vitamin B12

    and here's some more info from someone that did it!

    Quote Originally Posted by kimmit326 View Post
    before I did the HCG I was going to a weight loss clinic and getting the b12/Lipotropics injects 2xweek, I LOVED the way I felt on them, but I had to stop because I was paying 80 month, plus another 40 for HCG injections 2 x week, and I had to also pay 75 month for the plan, so I stopped, but I did lose 40 pounds in conjunction with 1000 cal diet. But I only did the lipotropic shots for 2 months, I did one month on, then next
  2. Lipotropic injections fortified with vitamin B12

    ATTENTION! i did NOT write this, someone on this forum did and i have to go back and add her screen name in a minute.
    i couldn't figure out how to do it now but i HAD to have a copy of this info!

    i've never blogged before so i have no idea how to do this!
    this is so interesting!

    oh, never mind, it automatically shows who originally posted this

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    Hemo-15 has the same stuff. I order mine from http://www.horseprerace.com