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Back home finally....it really brought home how important habit is for this to work for me. Still TOM and I am being a wuss and staying away from the scale. I figure I am losing whether I am weighing or not. I will weigh on friday. My rx was delivered, but clearly I didn't do all the research needed, I didn't know that you take more sub-lingual than injections. So I only ordered 5000, thinking I would just for 23 days. Now I realize it is only good for about 10 days. (limited budget) so, can you combine hHCG and rx? I have not started the rx yet, trying to decide what to do, save it for a next round (powder form) or use it now...??)

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  1. tnsweetness's Avatar
    I know that you can begin with hhcg and switch to injections after but not vice versa. Maybe u could start with the hhcg, use all that, then do the injections for how ever many days it lasts? That would be easier on the pocketbook!
  2. shellby's Avatar
    I was thinking if I could use the hhcg and the rx at the same time, like split the dose between the two types...but after clearly thinking about it, i realized how stupid that would be to take a risk like that. SO I have decided to continue on the homeopathic, since the new LOWER dose is working for me. I will save the rx for round 2! THanks! Love this forum!!!