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wow, what a difference!

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A change in dosage makes! I am not crawling out of my skin trying to feed my body and thinking about food all the time! Beth suggested I stop a few doses and see if my hunger gets better or worse, it got better (went away) so I lowered my dose! Amazing difference, I was ready to go *%#@* it! and resign myself to stay at this weight!
Got the shipment confirmation , I should get my SL Tuesday or wed, which is amazing since I just ordered it on Thursday night. I am going to continue the hhcg for 3 days after I start the sub-lingual, can I take them at the same time, or do i need to do it at different times? I still think I am going to try to do this raw instead of protocol, there are some people doing it raw. I just feel sooo much better eating raw. I guess I will have to step on the scale tomorrow, I will end house sitting tonight and head home. Petrified of that (scale) now, but will just suck it up and do it. Since I just started (or will be just starting the rx, can I go the 23-30 days? I was going to do 40 days onthe hhcg, so it really comes out to the same.
Cheers everyone! Enjoy your Sunday!

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