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Shelly Berg

Down another pound

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Hey I'll take it. Today I made Rice Krispie treats for my kids classes and ended up eating one ( plus some that stuck on the pot!!). Man this diet is HARD! I am definitely only doing the 23 day program. I have no idea how people can stick to this diet?? Did I mention it's hard???

So Easter weekend it going to be next to impossible. We are celebrating my moms birthday and my stepdad's birthday as well. Lots of food and cake and dinner reservations! I'm just going to try my best.....wish me luck and good luck to all of you in the middle of this diet misery.

R1 started May 20th
SW - 159.5
CW - 151.4.....8 lbs down

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  1. lpr11354's Avatar
    Ive read your recent blogs have you considerd trying grapfuit pectin ? It is permissable on p2 take them with your meals ie lunch and dinner