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Need to get motivated!

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Anyone out there needing to get back track and motivated like I do??? Help...Get me out of the kitchen.. Ever have those days were you are a bottomless pit? It's just aweful. I feel like I'm in such a slump.

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  1. We should be proud's Avatar
    Hi there, Yes I think we can all relate to one of those day when you just don't feel like taking care. Tomorrow will be a better day!!

    If you continue taking care of yourself, you will feel stronger and more confident to deal with the rest of the challenges that life throw at us.
    Specially when I feel I can't control anything around me, the program tells me ok, this is the only thing that you can do control your attitude and the actions over food.

    Keep smiling !!
  2. Shoes4ever's Avatar
    Thank you...Just a bad day. Today is my first day after my 2 loading days. Went very well. I did control my attitude and thanks for the encouragement!!