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  1. Are the holidays really over?

    Fell off the wagon. Bet I'm not the only one eh? How hard is it to diet over the holidays!!! I still have my birthday in 2 weeks.

    Gained and lost and.. gained and lost some more. Back on the wagon as of yesterday. Gained 5 lbs that stuck. Sooo... updated my ticker.

    Actually had to read the diet protocol again. It's all good. In reading Robb Wolf's book on Primal eating we're not suppose to have dairy. Tough to skip the cream in my coffee. But I find that I'm ...
  2. My Journey

    I'm 54, soon to be 55 in January 2012. 5'9", overweight since age 7, tried every diet, they all worked the first few times around but now they don't.

    I have type 2 diabetes where fasting blood sugar is around 120-130 with medication. I currently take Victoza and hope to be able to give that up pretty quickly. That stuff is expensive! $300 a month.. ouch.

    I have been on bio-identical hormones since 2009 - also expensive but don't see myself giving up those! I ...