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Are the holidays really over?

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Fell off the wagon. Bet I'm not the only one eh? How hard is it to diet over the holidays!!! I still have my birthday in 2 weeks.

Gained and lost and.. gained and lost some more. Back on the wagon as of yesterday. Gained 5 lbs that stuck. Sooo... updated my ticker.

Actually had to read the diet protocol again. It's all good. In reading Robb Wolf's book on Primal eating we're not suppose to have dairy. Tough to skip the cream in my coffee. But I find that I'm not hungry if I skip it. I also find that I'm less hungry when doing this diet.. even from the first day. With me it evidently has to do with fat and dairy. Before getting back on the HCG wagon I was trying to maintain with low carb. But I was eating way too much fat.. can you say spinach dip? I WISH I had more control over my eating. Seems I lose all control unless I'm dieting. Low calorie is the only thing that works for me.

I also recently started taking Super Enzymes (NOW brand) as recommended by Robb Wolf. He says it's especially important if you've had your gall bladder removed. You take one cap with every meal according to the bottle. In his book he has special dosing instructions that have you increase until you feel a warm feeling. I took two and felt that warm feeling, which too me felt a lot like heart burn. Drank some water and it stopped.

I'm also taking Magnesium twice daily, 1000mgs in total along with my bio identical hormones, Vit D and Omega 3. Occasionally I manage to take a multivitamin, PQQ and resveratrol. Tough swallowing all these mega pills, yuck. I also take SAM-e everyday. Love that stuff. REALLY helps with my mood.

Did the salivary hormone test and found out that I was taking too much testosterone and too little progesterone. I'd recommend EVERYONE take the test. My hormone doctor never tests.. can you believe that?? Only goes by symptoms. Oh and get this... I was only taking HALF the prescribed dose from my Doc.. so they really had me taking way too much. I'm so glad that these tests are available online!!

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