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My Journey

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I'm 54, soon to be 55 in January 2012. 5'9", overweight since age 7, tried every diet, they all worked the first few times around but now they don't.

I have type 2 diabetes where fasting blood sugar is around 120-130 with medication. I currently take Victoza and hope to be able to give that up pretty quickly. That stuff is expensive! $300 a month.. ouch.

I have been on bio-identical hormones since 2009 - also expensive but don't see myself giving up those! I just ordered a food allergy blood test from life extensions website so maybe I can keep this weight off once and for all (please please please).

And, I also had gastric stapling way back in 1984. I lost some and then got preggers. But I think it's kept me from going over the 300 mark. My appetite before the operation was totally out of control.

I'm starting this diet with HCG Fusion drops. I see that the new ones no longer contain HCG 6x,12x, 30x, 60x but there are still some of the old ones floating around. My intention is to take these drops until my RX comes in and then I'll probably do the shots since I've already ordered the kit off of Amazon. I really don't believe in these drops.. although on my loading days I wasn't very hungry... hmmmm. Could be phychological. At any rate.. here I go.. whooo hoooo!

Just mailed off my food allergy test to be analyzed. It's a finger stick test. 11/17/11

Mailed my weight loss dna test kit 11/19/11 Read about it here on the forums. Go to their website to read up on what they offer and be sure and read the news articles and videos: http://www.inherenthealth.com

*****Supplements: SAM-e 400mg, DHEA, Pregnalone, Iodine, Vit D, Biotin, bio hormones: testosterone, bi-est, progesterone
*****At bedtime for sleep: GABA and Inositol **If you haven't tried these for insomnia, you need to. Read the reviews at Amazon.

*****Per Dr Kruse I'm adding PQQ and K2 starting on 11/21 (my tummy hates vitamin K, won't be taking those)
*****Also adding magnesium, multi-vitamin, omega-3, resveratrol and Acety L-carnitine and Alpha Lipoic Acid

Round one: Monday November 14, 2011

280.5 Starting weight after loading (weight on Oct 31, 2011 was 283, even higher so I'll stick with 280.5 as the starting number).

Day 1 - 1.2 dose Victoza - didn't check BG has been around 111-130 during loading days
hhcg drops several times during the day, didn't keep up with it. Not hungry.
Even though I have apples, oranges and everything I'm suppose to eat I don't.

Day 2 - 1.2 Victoza - Morning BG reading of 106 weight 277.5
I am so not hungry. Maybe it's the victoza combined with no carbs.. Or.. maybe it's the thought of skinless, fatless grilled chicken... at any rate I'll enjoy it while it lasts. BM today.

Day 3 - .6 Victoza - Morning BG reading of 100 weight 274.5
Hungrier this day. Still didn't manage to eat 500 calories, but I could have (and more). Had my first apple. Hunger isn't bad, but it's there. I'm also in ketosis. BM today.

Day 4 - .6 Victoza - Morning BG reading of 98 weight 273
continuing to take my bio-identical hormones but I only take them in the morning. I read that fat releases hormones... I need to read up on which hormones besides estrogen.. anyone know?

Day 5 - NO Victoza - Morning BG reading of 95 weight 271.5
Looks like my BG is coming down a little each day, gonna try a day without it. Which would mean ZERO diabetes drugs <fingers crossed>. This may be a day to do without fruit!

Day 6 - No Victoza - Morning BG reading of 104 weight 270.2
No fruit yesterday, no diabetes medication. Lost 10 pounds this first week. What a motivator. BM today.

Day 7 - 1.2 Victoza - Morning BG reading of 114 weight ?
Will only weigh once a week now (or try to!!).

Day 8 - 1.2 Victoza - Morning BG reading of 106 weight ?
Looks like I can't give up the victoza just yet.

Day 9 - .6 Victoza - Morning BG reading 98 weight ?
Time sure is flying by. Took my first HCG RX injection yesterday. I have a noticable reduction in appetite since starting the injections.

Day 10 - .6 Victoza - Morning BG reading 94 weight?
Dreamed I ate a couple of pieces of chocolate candy and something else and then suddenly remembered that I'm on a diet! Was almost a nightmare!

Day 11 - .6 Victoza - Morning BG reading 95 weight?
Oh today is Turkey Day! I have no plans and I'm going to stay strong. Sometimes you just have to be a hermit

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