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R1p2 - summer round - vlcd10

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SW 219.0
CW 214.4
GW 170
(Down 4.6) (44.4 left to goal)

Massively busy day yesterday - Worked all morning, had to take both my Boxer girls to the vet, which I usually don't do alone as they are a handful when they are together. Just so much energy! They did great, though, and the fill-in vet was impressed with their manners. Got them chipped, so we are all ready for vacay. They are going to a boarder, and will do a "dry run" next weekend for a couple of nights so they get used to the place before we go on our "wagons west" vacay to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons.

Then, in the afternoon, we helped my DD move into her apartment. Cute small apartment on the 2nd floor, so lots of steps and stairs yesterday. Ate on plan and it was all good. Scale moved down today, which is awesome. Tonight is date night - our local drive in is showing the original Jaws and Jurassic Park. I loaded up on all kinds of P2 friendly snack-y foods and it is gonna be fun. We always park backwards and sit outside in our chairs or on blankets with a battery radio in front of us on a milk crate. Looking forward to seeing Jaws on the big screen. I was only 7 when it came out and we never had any money so I never even saw a movie on the big screen until Return of the Jedi came out in the mid 80s. Definitely looking forward to seeing it on the big screen!

Yesterday stats:
717/788 calories
24/30g carbs

Make today great, people!

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