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R1p2 - summer round - vlcd14

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SW 219.0
CW 215.4
GW 170
(Down 3.6 (46.4 left to goal)

I got a new scale, so my WI might be a little off. This new scale measures a WHOLE LOTTA things, not just weight and it bluetooth's to my phone and syncs with my Fitbit and CarbManager app. Kinda cool!

This is the last day of week 2, and I've only got 16 days left in this round before our vacation. It's time to really buckle down and break this stall I'm going through. Every single round I stall week two into week three. I don't have time for any of THAT nonsense during this time I have left, so gonna go hardcore.

Ready for camping tomorrow. Premade our dinners - P2 friendly meat/veggie foil packets we can just toss on the fire. Gonna be CRAZY hot, so I don't know how much hiking we will do. If we do any, it will be early in the morning before it gets too hot. I really need to invest in cooling vests for the Boxer girls. They get hot easily.

Peace out, peeps!

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