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R1p2 - summer round - vlcd15

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SW 219.0
CW 215.2
GW 170
(Down 3.8 (46.2 left to goal)

(Sigh) I am half way through this round of P2 and am only down 3.8 pounds. I didn't measure and I wish I had, as I"m pretty sure I have lost some inches as my clothes feel a bit different. Oh well, next time. Regardless, we leave today to go camping and I'm READY. I'm READY to get the heck outta Dodge. HCG-friendly foil packet meals are prepped and in the freezer, ready to go in the cooler right before I head out this afternoon to meet up with Hubby. All I have left to do is pack my clothes. Been running around like a madwoman this morning getting the rest of the stuff ready as we are taking two of our dogs for one day - and then they are going to a new boarder for a dry run (two nights) so had to get all their stuff ready too. Toys, and treats, and medications, and food.

I was really on plan yesterday. Love this new scale - it bluetooths to my phone and keeps track of a lot more than just weight, including body fat and visceral fat and muscle mass. It also calculates your biological age too - which it says I have the body of a 55 year old, but I'm only 50. So that means I need to get busy getting healthier!!!!

Yesterday's Stats
690/788 calories
26/30g carbs
Protein was low at only 48g, but I got busy and missed a meal. Tried to make up for it later, but just got too full.

Peace out, peeps. I'll be offline til Sunday.

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