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R1p2 - summer round - vlcd4

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SW 219.0
CW 214.4
GW 170
(Down 4.6) (44.4 left to goal)

Went to a party last night - brought Protocol friendly fruit and my own SF drink. Did well avoiding the wine, which is usually my downfall. I DID have a couple things off protocol - a few crackers & cheese and one small brownie bite that was decadent. I own it. Did that contribute to my 0.4 gain? Possibly. I was definitely over calories, carbs, and fat goals. Significantly over. But it is what it is - I own it and will live with the consequences.

I've been reading HCG 2.0 and I really like this new protocol. I track everything in an app called CarbManager. I have the premium version so it is highly customizable. I spent some time last night customizing my thresholds and renaming my "meals" to make it easier to record a different way. HCG 2.0 gives you a calorie threshold based on your BMR, and he advocates only really tracking the calories and fat from proteins and incidentals. You don't track the calories from veggies - but you MUST keep your carbs under 30 g a day.

So, I've reconfigured my tracker to reflect this new way of tracking and will begin using that today. According to my BMR, my calorie threshold is 788, so that's what I'll shoot for. The only bummer is that his protocol is NO FRUIT and I have a ton of fruit at home. I hate to see anything go to waste. May have to gift that to coworkers or some local wildlife. DH isn't as keen on the new protocol yet - it takes him longer to accept change, so honestly, he may eat all that fruit himself. We'll see.

Yesterday: (EEK, it's hard looking at these stats this morning.)
Protein: 50 g (not enough)
Carbs: 68 g (TWICE what I should have)
Cals: 1019 (300 cals over, ugh)

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