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R1p2 - summer round - vlcd8

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SW 219.0
CW 214.6
GW 170
(Down 4.4) (46.6 left to goal)

Not much to report today. I did not get on the scale and don't intend to do so until Saturday. I had a late night and a crazy early morning and another really early morning tomorrow too - and that usually translates to an inaccurate scale reading, which can mess with my motivation..... So, I'm just not gonna worry about it until Saturday.

I am still tweaking my macros based on information in HCG 2.0 book and even more information in their FB Group. There is a lot of clarification in the documentation in the FB Group. I encourage ANYone who is interested in the new protocol to join the FB Group. Joining is free and all the clarification documents (in files) and the little Unit videos are also free. The biggest misconception I has was that you use your BMR calories to only record calories from protein, which is NOT the case. Your adjusted BMR calorie goal is TOTAL calories. So you eat your BMR calories as calculated using the formula in the book, or using the free calculator on their website - and keep your total carbs under 30. (I was using NET carbs, which is incorrect.)

736/788 calories
35/30 carbs

Make today awesome, folks!

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