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R1P2 VLCD20 Summer Round

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SW 219.0
CW 216.2
GW 170
(Down 2.8 (47.2 left to goal)

Came home from camping and all was well. Yesterday morning, I was the exact same weight as I was last Thursday before I left for my trip. Today I am up a pound - however, I did my WI 2 hours earlier than normal as I'll be getting up really early all week. Might be a factor, dunno. I did eat a lot of pork rinds yesterday - had serious "crunch" cravings, so the sodium probably kicked my ***. Ugh.

This round is a total bust so far. I'm all over the place on food and I am not doing as well on the 2.0 as I had hoped. I think there is too much "freedom" which means I push the envelope too far. I've got 10 days left in this round and I'm going to go back to strict Simeon OP, I think. I would have been happy with 15 pounds, but I'll have to settle for 10, I think, before vacation. Time to get busy.

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