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R1p2vlcd2 - tgif

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SW 219.0
CW 217.6
GW 170
(Down 1.4)

I just changed my SW to my loading weight - it makes it easier to keep track. Yesterday was a success. I stayed on track for the most part - had a couple pieces of lunchmeat in the late evening when I had some cravings.

The clementines I bought the other day were horrible, so threw them away. Bought a different brand from another store - and they were not horrible, but not great. Hope the one I ate was just a fluke. We will see.

DH stayed the same on the scale, and I was excited to lose half the weight I gained loading. Hope the trend keeps on keepin on. Yesterday, I posted my plan for food for the day. I'm going to change tracks and post my stats and meals from yesterday. We are both doing the 800-cal version at this time. DH works in a factory, very physical work. He routinely gets 18,000 steps a day just at work! He needs the extra calories. I have my threshold in CarbManager set at 800, but will we doing less than that every day.

I do have the iOS HCG Life app, which I find to be clunky and half the features don't work. Need to go back to the iOS store and put up a review, tell people to not spend the $5.99 on it. It does have a couple of nice things - a good representation of the foods list, etc. So I'll keep it as a resource but continue to use CarbManager to track everything.

Yesterday: 671 calories, 38g carbs, 56g of protein. (Need to try to hit 60 g)
B: Coffee with creamer
L: Salad with tuna, 1/4 of a clementine - ugh it was horrible, so didn't finish it.
Sn: Cottage Cheese LF 1/2 c
D: Hawaiian Chicken Patty, Steamed broccoli
Sn: Strawberries, Blackberries
Extra: 3 small slices dry salami and 1 slice turkey lunchmeat helped deal with cravings.

Just realized I didn't have my WASA cracker. Oh well, today is another day.

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